Center for Medical Technology Innovation

Sponsoring website Gasthuis Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

EPPIX leverde de website op voor stichting Gasthuis van het Antoni van Leeuwenhoek ziekenhuis. Voor patiënten die van ver komen en poliklinisch worden behandeld in het ziekenhuis, biedt het Gasthuis een rustige plek.
Center for Medical Technology Innovation

Kick Off meeting

On Thursday, September 17, EPPIX will be organizing a festive kick-off meeting for clients and business relations at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen.


  • The Eppix team has proven its worth as online marketing service partner in several projects in medical device marketing over the past years.Having worked with them with one company, I retained their services when moving to another. Their assignments ranged  from building educational interactive online tools to website design and creation.

    Eppix has always met the challenges we have put in front of them, and found creative solutions.On several occasions they have stepped up to the plate to meet our needs outside of office hours and in weekends to serve us during congresses.The team is knowledgeable and creative, and has always delivered excellent work.

    I can fully recommend their work to anyone in the health and life sciences industry looking to work with professionals in online marketing services.

    Bert van Dalen - General Manager Hemologic
  • "Working with the Eppix has been a pleasure. They were able to facilitate the process of building a marketplace which is now being used by many Healthcare Organisations in the surroundings of Hengelo.

    In 2007 , we at ZGT (ZiekenhuisGroep Twente) were trying to find new ways to boost cooperation with regards to Purchasing and Logistics. This resulted in a Distribution Center which services several of the largest Healthcare Organisations in Twente. After a while it appeared that we also had to find new ways of working when it comes to the smaller partners: They were willing to profit from the low pricing of ZGT and distribution out of the Distribution Center. However, they felt the need for a more user friendly interface between the Distribution Center and them. This was the start of DC-Online: A marketplace that connects ZGT and its Healthcare Partners.

    The Eppix team supported this proces in a fantastic way. With a lot of enthousiasm, they helped us figuring out the best way to make this market place work for ourselves and our partners. Nowadays, DC-Online is showing substantial turnover and helps Cure&Care to work together in ways that we never imagined a couple of years ago.

    Working with the Eppix team can be recommended to anyone with the need for a creative and problem-solving approach!

    Rick de Jonge - Purchasing & Supply Chain Expert
  • We have been working with EPPIX (formerly known as Cowpunks) since 2010 and initially called upon them for a creative translation of our temperature management tool - Virtual37. Working with EPPIX means working with a team of passionate people that offer advice, think ahead and take worries off of our hands.

    Both our website and our virtual patient application Virtual37 have been designed, developed and built by EPPIX, to both our satisfaction! Our continued partnership with EPPIX will definitely lead to many more great results in the future. 

    Marleen Jonkman - Marketing Manager The 37Company